Learn how to avoid these four mistakes people make when writing a resume

Making a mistake on your resume can be the easiest way an employer can use to screen you out as job a applicant. Apart from typos, applying for a job that does not match your skills will see you knocked out of the job contention by both the talent management software used to screen resumes, and by the hiring managers. Making mistakes on your CV is quite easy and very difficult to correct the damage after your employer gets it. It is therefore imperative to prevent making mistakes whether you are drafting your first job application or revising it. Relying on a professional resume writer Sydney has today can help you avoid the common mistakes people make while writing resumes. These mistakes include…

Professional Resume Writer Sydney


Lack of clarity

If the prospective employer does not understand your skills, work history, or any other part of your resume, easily and clearly, you definitely lose the job.  The employer will not spend time figuring out any detail in your resume. They receive hundreds or even thousands of applications from other candidates. A professional resume writer Sydney has today understands how to bring out a brief, easy to understand resume.

Cramming so much information on the same page

Employers find resumes, which include dense paragraphs, too small font unappealing and overwhelming. If you send a resume that is too hard for the employers to read, they will not take time to read it. They will simply throw it in the trash basket and move on to the next candidate. A professional resume writer in Sydney will help you draft your resume using the right font size, and use appropriate bold font, bullet points and headings to break up information.

Sending the same resume to all prospective employers

You are likely to have your resume thrown into the wastebasket, if you try to draft a single resume to send to different employers.  Employers expect you to draft a resume exclusively for them. They except that you portray how you fit in the position you are applying for. If you send the same resume to different employers, it portrays you are less interested in the job. The best Professional Resume Writer Sydney has today can help you draft a resume that matches every position you plan to apply for.

Making everything to be about you

Another mistake most resume writers make is drafting a resume as if you are the only one who matters. The resume is not all about you, but about your potential employer. According to a Sydney professional resume writer, very long objective statements and citing what you want does not interest the employer.  The main question the employer wants an answer to is how you can be of help to him or her.

Hiring professional resume writer Sydney has today will ensure that you feel focused and proud when you hand it over to the potential employer. You will not only get a resume you can comfortably speak about during the interview, but your resume will reflect your every aspect such as confidence, passion, energy and humor. You need to match your appearance with your resume. If the resume appears professional and sophisticated, yet you appear casual and relaxed, most potential employers will find it challenging for them to establish if you are the ideal owner of the resume.

8 Unnoticeable Indications You Need Mental Health Care

Knowing the warning signs of a person suffering from a certain mental issue is significant in order to take appropriate action. If you or someone you know is suffering from one of these indications below, it’s about time you looked up “mental health GP near me” on Google.

1. Spontaneous mood swings

More often than not, most people would not seek help from a GP mental health doctor just because they’ve been having mood swings. However, certain mental disorders involve drastic mood inconsistencies. Psychiatric disorder induced mood swings may happen rapidly or intermittently depending on the type of mental illness you may have.

2. Difficulty in sleeping

Sleeplessness is one of the most overlooked signs of a probable psychiatric disorder. People suffering from depression are reported to have sleep struggles or insomnia. Moreover, sleep disorders can also be caused by underlying mental strain such as anxiety or post-traumatic pressure.

3. You often feel unhappy and sluggish

There’s always going to be one of those days where you just feel down in the dumps for no particular reason, and that’s totally normal for being a human being. However, if unhappiness and feeling dull becomes a long lasting and constant behaviour, it’s already a sign of a more significant clinical diagnosis. If you’re having these type of symptoms, it’s about time you decided to seek medical help or search and type “medical health GP near me” on the web.

4. You’re easily annoyed

Several patients suffering from a mental disorder have significant anger management problems which often lead to an intense feeling of irritability and bad temper.

If you or one of your loved ones is showing signs of severe irritability, seeking the help of a GP specialising in mental health must be immediately done.

5. Loss of appetite

A person who has the probability of possessing a mental health issue either tends to lose food appetite or is eating more than normal. An eating disorder can later lead to a more serious health issue if not addressed.

6. You’re constantly battling with irrational fear

Irrational fear or anxiety is a common indication of various mental disorders. Mental illness- induced anxiety can take in the form of panic attacks, apprehensiveness, phobia or physiological sensations. If you are someone who is experiencing one of these signs, the best thing to do now is to look for help or search “mental health GP near me” on the web.

7. You feel haunted by post-traumatic mishaps

Traumatic events can make a big impact on your life. Flashbacks of images and reminders of a horrible event can consume your thoughts and mess up with your emotions and may affect your behaviour.

8. Suicide often crosses your mind

Suicide contemplation is a clear sign that a person is struggling with extreme depression which is often associated with a prevalent serious mental issue. Suicidal thoughts are among the most alarming signs of a psychological disorder. More often than not, people won’t notice if a person is contemplating suicide or not until it happens.


Psychological disorder is a serious matter that needs to be immediately addressed. Oftentimes, it is masked by behaviours and actions which people think are totally normal.

If you are on the hunt for an experienced mental health doctor, you can look through the net by typing “mental health GP near me” or check out SmartClinics and get expert medical advice.

Do’s and Don’ts When Managing Asbestos Risk

If you are a homeowner or a property manager, asbestos testing is a serious issue that you need to look into. If the property was built before 1990, there is a good chance that it is a high risk of asbestos contamination. You need to find a company that will perform asbestos testing Brisbane has today to take the necessary steps to rid your property of this harmful substance. If you do not perform testing now, then you could put your family or future tenants at risk of inhaling this harmful substance into their system. It could result in various respiratory conditions including mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer to the respiratory system resulting from prolonged exposure to asbestos.
Managing Asbestos – DO’s
When you decide to undergo Brisbane asbestos testing, it is important to abide by a few safety guidelines. If you do not know the proper handle the process, you need to find a professional company that offers the best asbestos testing in Brisbane to do it for you.
  • If in doubt about the level of asbestos in your home, always contact a professional. They use specialized testing kits to determine the level of asbestos in your home or property if any.
  • Make sure that the company you hire to perform asbestos testing Brisbane has to offer complies with health and safety legislation in your region or state. When inexperienced personnel handle this problem, they could cause more damage than good. And this is why you should never deal with the asbestos problem in your home or property on your own.
  • You should always consult your neighbors if you decide to undergo asbestos testing and removal in your property. It is also important to undertake the necessary precautionary measures so as not to contaminate the air when handling asbestos removal.
  • It is important to safest method or tool for handling asbestos removal. Your aim is to cause as little negative impact to the property as possible.
Managing Asbestos – DON’Ts
Below are some unsafe methods for asbestos testing and removal that you need to be aware of:
  • Never use power tools (such as circular saws, electric sanders or angle grinders) when removing materials containing asbestos. This will only cause the spread of the asbestos-containing material into the air.
  • Never use other high-pressure tools such as washers to remove asbestos either for the same reason as above.
  • Other tools to avoid using when undertaking asbestos removal include those that utilized compressed air such as leaf blowers or vacuum cleaners.
  • Never employ professionals to take on asbestos removal that isn’t a class A asbestos removal license holder. This is to ensure they have the sufficient knowledge when testing and removing asbestos from your home or property.
If you are looking for companies that provide asbestos testing Brisbane has today, visit http://safeaires.com.au/asbestos-testing-test-brisbane-northside/. Safeair Environmental Services cater to residential or commercial properties so you can protect your family’s health by improving air quality. Don’t wait too long before you get your asbestos testing done.

Mix business with pleasure-Rent a limousine in North Virginia

Business travellers are not all work and no play. They also need respite. In north Virginia, where businessmen come to have meetings, they prefer to be driven in style. Establishing a good relationship with the driver and getting the same car in a strange town makes one feel good. It is like knowing at least someone whom you can trust. That trust can be easily developed with a good rental company that sends the cars for airport pickups. This is why hiring a Presidential Limousine in Northern Virginia has become a trend in business circles. The firms that offer such services can handle business and leisure travellers comfortably. What makes a rental company so efficient is the way they handle their relationships with clients. We reveal a few secrets.

Understanding the logistics of travel

The journey from the airport to the destination-hotel, home or convention venue can be the real test of the traveller. After spending hours on the flight, what he needs is a smooth, quick ride where the driver will charter the course and navigate through traffic efficiently. There are car rentals and then there are more car rentals. But it is the special limo rental that makes the difference to the passenger. No wonder, presidential limousine in Northern Virginia is available from many companies which ensure that they keep up the reputation with upgraded services and fleets. They have a simple online presence to let regular customers make a booking in advance. Other than that even new customers can easily call up or send an enquiry via email for them to call back. Customers can easily send the details about the period and date for rental and availability of a specific sedan.

All sorts of queries handled online

Often there are special offers that can be availed. The rates will be different for the wine tours in comparison to wedding day requirements. It all depends on how many hours the sedan will be in service along with the driver. Businessmen may need to get a drive from the airport and later on picked up after they finish the work in town. When you look up the FAQ section of a company that offers a presidential limousine in Northern Virginia, you will also know about things that you may have not thought of, such as what will happen if the vehicle breaks down mid way, or which areas in North Virginia are the services available, what if the time exceeds the limits?

There are other things also that you may wish to know such as whether the chauffeur has the license and the car has the permit to drive in the areas required, what are the payment terms, will one get refreshments during the ride, etc.? One of the main things that the patrons do enquire about is the model of the sedan and the color. For some reason, many guests prefer the classic black, which is a favorite at least for wedding parties. Overall, one can say is that there is nothing like mixing business with pleasure or doing them separately as long as the ride is comfortable and memorable.

Things you need to know before starting the volunteer work

There are different forms of volunteer work such as participating in a seminar, teaching in school or volunteering in a clinic to serve AIDS patients. Most of these volunteer programs involve traveling. A lot of people volunteer with big expectations but get surprises later. Below are important things you need to know before you volunteer:

It’s not every volunteer opportunity that is right for you

There are volunteer programs that require twenty-four hours support. This may be difficult for those people who love being independent. It’s important to make a research of the specific programs and see which one will suit you. Some volunteer programs usually pay you while others do not. If you have identified a program and it does not pay you, most probably it’s providing you with food and accommodation. However, don’t depend entirely on online research, there are also books that can help you get started.

It’s not a guarantee of visa or job

Most volunteers assume that it’s automatic to be hired after the volunteer period. This is not the case, therefore, if you had traveled abroad, be ready to leave after the tourist visa has expired. However, you can talk to the volunteer program and know if they can arrange for a permanent work permit in case you want to live there permanently. You will be required to fill some additional forms at the embassy to get this permit. During the volunteer work, you can connect with other businesses and organizations. This will increase your chances of being hired by these organizations after the period of volunteering is over.

Things are sometimes bad

Volunteer work makes you know the other side of poverty and you can get shocked. Most of these programs try to eradicate poverty and the experience may sometimes leave you very emotional. You will sometimes see very young children sleeping hungry and they sleep under the cars on a cold night since they are homeless. However, if you know that these situations are real, then it may not affect you in the worst way.

You won’t change the world

You may be volunteering in a non-governmental organization that deals with AIDS. You get so attached to the victims and when those victims get the love and care they improve their health and start living positively. However, they will not get healed just because of the volunteer in Nepal you offered for a month or two. Remember, you can’t heal them but you can only make them accept the situation and teach them how to live healthy.

You can find a similar placement

There are volunteer programs that you need to pay for the experience you will acquire. For instance you might pay to teach Spanish or French. This can sometimes be costly although the organization will help you settle in that new town. On the other hand, you can find a placement yourself without a volunteer Nepal or your target country’s organization has to offer and save that money you could have paid to the volunteer organization.

If you know the above factors before the Nepal travel, you won’t get any surprises during this period. Make a difference by giving back to the community through volunteering. Save that one AIDS orphan and it will give you a good feeling. For more details, just visit http://www.volunteering.org.au/